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It used to be very difficult to find $1 Amazon Prime items. Most options were Add-On items which required a minimum to purchase, but not anymore! Amazon has done away with their Add-Item Program and the results are great. If you enjoy dollar store shopping, now you can do it on Amazon with free shipping. Even non-Prime members can take advantage of these super deals, but they still have a $25 minimum purchase to qualify for the free shipping.

I went over to, a site that lists Add-On items, to see how they’re handling this change. What I found is an almost complete list of Amazon Prime Items for under $1. I reached out to the owner of the site and found out that she scrolls through dozens, if not hundreds, of Amazon search results looking for, and then manually entering them on the site. Apparently, these products are not always easy to find unless you are looking for something specific. Also, the prices fluctuate randomly, so you have to stay on top of it.

There’s no way any brick and mortar store can compete with this selling platform. Amazon is losing money on these purchases, but I’m sure they’re not too worried about it. I mean sending a UPS truck for a 60-cent item is pretty unbelievable.

The Add-On item program was cancelled without any announcement, so keep in mind that Amazon could change this new arrangement at any time too. My advice is to take advantage of these deals now and get shopping! Check out and see all the bargains.